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Understanding your body and its needs is a priority for a longer and healthier body. From there we can create a fitness routine that will help you reach your goals faster and with less strain on your body.

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FASST conducts a baseline test to determine where the athletes are before they start training with us. This is how we measure an athlete’s progress. Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Approach (volleyball, if necessary) 10 yard sprint (acceleration), 20 yard sprint (top end speed), and 40 yard sprint (football, if necessary), 5-10-5 COD (change of direction, if necessary). We then do an FMS (Functional Movement Screening) to determine any imbalances, strengths and weaknesses. It consists of 7 movements such as an overhead squat, lunge test, shoulder test, pushup test, stepover test, straight leg test and rotary stability test. We’ll review everything at the end and talk about the best option(s) for his/her training.



Limited Memberships


Members can come 2x a week and requires an initial 2 month commitment

Unlimited Sessions


One-TIme Drop-Ins

$30/2 hours

FASST membership program allows athletes up to 6 days per week to train providing 1 hour of strength training and 1 hour of movement training. All of our sessions are with a certified performance coach at an 8:1 client to trainer ratio and are individualized based on each athlete’s initial evaluation. We train athletes together of all different sports because an athletic movement is the same whether it’s a basketball player or a softball player. This is our best program because it allows for flexibility with scheduling and also the major component being consistency which we know is huge for them to be able to make the athletic gains they want. 

Athletes are never on their own, they are always under the instruction and supervision of their coach. Our strength training is individualized and progression based on the athletes developmental age, not biological – we all know there are some 15 year olds that look 20 and there’s some that look 12 – we are mindful of that and we do not load them until their body is more physically developed to handle it. Our speed training consists of 5 different movement emphasis; acceleration, absolute speed, forward multidirectional, backward multidirectional and lateral movements. 

Again each athlete progresses to more aggressive movements based on what they can handle…for instance if an athlete has knee valgus then we will stay away from single leg loading until the athlete gains more strength. We include both upper and lower plyometrics into each training session and always strengthen the trunk and spine each day before strength training begins. 



Limited Memberships


1 Month (Unlimited)​


Requires an 8-week commitment so that we can full see the results of your training by the retest date. Month-to-month pricing kicks in after initial 8-weeks.

This program is for ages 13 and under and runs Monday thru Thursday, twice per night from 4:15pm to 5:30pm and 5:30pm to 6:45pm and Friday 4:15pm to 5:30pm. FASST FUNdamentals is for youth athletes to guide their participation, training, competition, and recovery pathways in sport and physical activity, from infancy through all phases of development up to high school. FASST FUNDAMENTALS will focus on the needs of participants and their individual stages of development. This program recognizes both participation and performance-oriented pathways in sport and physical activity, preceded by the fun based development of physical literacy (meaning being competent in both fundamental movement skills and fundamentals sports skills) in the early years. 

The framework provides guidance to improve the quality of sport and physical activity by helping all children to become physically literate. FASST FUNDAMENTALS presents an optimal pathway from playground to podium, as well as a catalyst for lifelong physical activity. It offers the athlete the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential, whether that means competing for select club teams, earning a college scholarship, competing in the Olympics or becoming a sport professional. This program was developed with a strong emphasis on the development of fundamental skills and sport specific skills to create viable pathways for young athletes wishing to progress within competitive sport. 

The structure of this program is broken down into 3, 25 minute increments each session which will include prep, movement training and strength training. No evaluation is necessary to sign up for this program but we will evaluate each athlete in a group session to establish a baseline of their athleticism and retest every 8 to 12 weeks to ensure and measure athletic development. Understanding your body and its needs is a priority for a longer and healthier body. From there we can create a fitness routine that will help you reach your goals faster and with less strain on your body. 

FASST Foundations (7-10)


Limited Memberships


Class times: 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm every Tuesday and Thursday, 8 classes per month for $99 monthly. MORE INFORMATION COMING….

training sessions



14+ Athletes


13- Athletes



30 Minutes

$30 - $45

60 minutes

$60 - $90


30 Min. 5 Pack

$135 - $180

30 Min. 5 Pack

$270 - $350

30 Min. 10 Pack

$510 - $680

Similar to private training. 1 hour of individual based work in a group setting of like individuals of 6 or less. This provides a discount for those that can’t afford private training or that want to workout with just a few or their friends or teammates. Evaluation is required.

Private TrainingIndividualized training for those with specific goals or don’t like to workout in a group setting.

Rentals & Team Training



*unlimited access for monthly memberships only*



6 Month Membership


1 Year Membership



*volleyball spike machine fee is in addition to the court rental fee*

1 hour


30 Minutes


Spike machine



*Strength program includes access to your personal coach*



Strength Program


Movement Training

$150 - $225/H

Weight Room Instruction


Team Testing


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