“My why did I initially go to FASST was because of the energy, vibes, and lessons that James, Angela, and the rest of the staff were able to provide.

With aspirations going pro, they were able to provide resources, materials, and people that allowed to me excel on the field and in the classroom.

FASST helped me out tremendously in sport and in life. In 2021, I tore my achilles. With the help from the staff at FASST, they helped me heal back to 100%. As a black man, Mr. James has been nothing but an inspiration in my life. He’s a successful entrepreneur that turned a few dumbbells into a sports facility for all ages. The habits of planning, executing, and be the best within yourself is what James and FASST taught me during my time!

The advice I would give to young athletes to be yourself at all times, don’t be afraid to push outside your comfort zone, and to always remember…

There’s no such thing as a life better than yourself !!! So don’t just be an athlete, be a FASST athlete. Commit to FASST, and I promise you FASST will commit to you. Since 2020,

FASST hAs become more than family, and I love everything about it! God bless and Stay Dangerous.” Jonari Carroll

“I would say just trust what you guys are telling us. At times I would question what this is doing to get me better as an athlete or not want to go 100 percent on a drill or workout, but it was when I really started to trust FASSTs process the results started flooding in!” – Gavyn Blye

My experience interning at FASST was truly an overall great experience.

From day one, I felt welcomed into the team and was trusted with a good deal of responsibility on the marketing side of the business.

Everything I was asked to do was very hands-on and involved, which gave me an educational experience that I could never get anywhere else. I came out of this internship with an abundance of skills that I am applying to my current career, as well as made some great relationships that have lasted long after I finished. I highly recommend the FASST internship position!” – Conor Bailey

“I’ve trained with FASST since July of 2022 to get back in shape and learn better habits, as well as be a part of a fun community. 

It helps with the motivation and consistency factor a ton. My advice is to stick with it, and listen to our coaches!” Dakota Conrow

I went to fasst from my sophomore year (2020) until the end of my senior year (2022)

1 initially went to fasst to get stronger and quicker to help me perform at basketball at a higher level

FASST has helped me in sports by showing me correct ways to perform exercises and how to take care of my body from injuries too. The trainers were always great and taught me so much about life while training me.

To go hard every time you train because you never know when you won’t be able to perform what you love again and to cherish your talent you have been given” – Isaiah Horner

“I started training at FASST in 2016 to resume participation in group adult fitness classes, which I had enjoyed previously.

FASST training has helped me in my career as an airline pilot by improving my stamina on the job. It’s a performance based/team effort job and the same themes that are in sports are in my career as well.

I would advise young athletes to be observant of the effort and training they are putting into to be the best at their sport. This process is valuable experience that will transfer directly to your work and personal life. The bottom line is Train Hard and Live Well!” – George Cornwell

“My name is Sadie Kerns, I play Division I soccer at Longwood University. I’ve been training at Fasst since I was around 10 years old. 

I initially went to FASST for team soccer trainings at the old FASST building and continued to go for some goalkeeper training. I started getting into the speed and lifting trainings during my sophomore year of high school. My level of play skyrocketed after beginning training. 

I became stronger, more explosive, and had much better footwork in goal. My improved performance ultimately led me to achieve some great accolades. 

FASST also sparked my passion for fitness and nutrition. I frequently use their tips from speed training and lift programs in my personal workouts. Off the field, they’ve given me insight into a healthy diet and how to stay disciplined. Fasst has truly made me the athlete I am today. 

To young athletes today, stay driven. There will be times when someone else is taller than you, faster than you, and better than you; you can’t control those things, but you can control your effort. Have the mindset that you can’t be outworked.” – Sadie K.

“I started training in 2020. i initially went to be a better athlete and achieve my goals and dreams of playing at the next level. 

FASST helped me with my mindset and my confidence. Some advice i would give was take advantage of every second you get in your sport.” – Brayden Miller

“I started training at FASST in seventh grade when I was 12. I initially went to FASST to build my athleticism to help me become a stronger swimmer and volleyball player.

FASST has not only helped be become the athlete I am today, but has taught me how to push past barriers and failures no matter the situation.

If you’re not working to your full potential everyday, you’re wasting your time!” – Sadie Wright

“I initially started training at FASST because I wanted to be stronger and able to perform at a higher level as an athlete. 

As a professional equestrian, we take so much pride in our horses health, but I also wanted to make sure that I was in great shape too.

James, Angela & everyone at FASST has been so helpful in assisting me reach my goals & tailoring workouts to specifically target areas I need, in order to make me stronger, to preform better in the saddle. 

In the last 2 1/2 years at FASST, I’ve made lifelong friends & found a place I genuinely enjoy coming to multiple times a week – which is something lots of people would never say about a gym!

I would recommend FASST to anyone of any age, whether you’re looking to just be more active, or you’re an athlete wanting to sharpen up your skills.” – Janelle Fleming

“1 began training at FASST when I was 9 years old. Eight years later and I can honestly say FASST has been one of the most beneficial things to me reaching my goal of playing division 1 soccer, and now being committed to Marshall University. 

Frisby and his staff have helped me become quicker, faster, stronger, and excel on the soccer field. The environment at FASST is like none other. All the trainers are super friendly and personable, while also constantly challenging you to reach your best potential. 

The FASST family is just that-a family. James inspires me to reach for my goals and supports me both on and off the field. I’m super thankful for everything they’ve done for me through the years and will continue to do.” – McKenna Newcome

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